Social Team Members

Meet your Social Team Members 
(Committee members are appointed by invitation. We meet around every 6 weeks) 

If you would like to contact anyone one the Social Team please email

Linda – Hi I joined the Choir in January 2014. I had long wanted to join a choir, I love to sing but don’t have the best of voices! I googled ‘Join a choir Norwich’ and up popped the Norwich Community Choir website – telling me I didn’t need to audition and ‘now’ was a good time to join. The next meeting was that night just around the corner from where I live – I took that as a sign! I was welcomed in by friendly people and have loved every minute of being in the Choir.  

I am happy to do my bit as Social Team Member and Treasurer. 

Hi, I'm Christine W. I joined the choir April 13th 2015 needing something to lighten my days after caring for my sick husband for three years. Well it certainly has brought light to my days! I found music again after a quiet spell, even sang at his funeral. I enjoy many types of music (perhaps not heavy metal), was raised on Opera and Brass Band music by my Dad and have played several instruments (badly). I do love performing with the choir which has also given me a chance to follow my other love - clothes - as I just had to buy choir colours! 

I has been a pleasure to meet you all - often three times a week! I anyone asks what I like about choir...............I love the "noise" we make together. 

I am John I joined the choir in March 2012 because my big sister Audrey (tenor) made me. I had never sung before. I have enjoyed it greatly and thought of forming the Social Team to help promote the social side of the choir. I love all the events but particularly the ones when we get cake.

Mike. Rather surprisingly the only Mike in the Choir. I'd never sung in a choir before so was a bit worried about joining but Meg assured me it would be alright and so it has proved to be. 
I started attending the Monday group in May 2013 but had to give up a year later due to painful spinal fractures. After successful surgery, I rejoined but switched to Tuesdays as it was closer to home. I now vacillate between Mondays and Tuesdays. I have found both groups to be very friendly and welcoming and I am very grateful to Colin in particular for taking me under his wing in the early stages. Meg's unfailing enthusiasm and good humour make practice sessions most enjoyable. 
My first experience of a choir concert was at St Peter Mancroft, and what an experience! I hid at the back and did quite a lot of miming, but I found the whole thing really uplifting. 
My main contribution to the choir has been to implement Dropbox as an efficient means for Meg to distribute words and sound files for the choir's repertoire. 

Maryrose. I was born and brought up in Norwich and attended the Hewett Grammar School. I worked for Barclays Bank before marrying Ivan and becoming a Military wife (RAF). We have one son and one grandson. We have had 13 homes and lived in Malta and Germany but Norfolk is always home. I have always sang in choirs since the first one aged seven. Most have been choral and I've sung some wonderful music over the years but NCC is the best fun and the most friendly!!