Terms and Conditions

Norwich Community Choir

Your Membership Terms & Conditions



The choir means Norwich Community Choir.

Member means you, the choir member.

MD means Musical Director.


 1 – Membership begins when the member has received their email with the payment link and have activated their direct debit via our secure online payment system. By activating the payment, the member agrees to adhere to these terms and conditions.  Payment is taken in advance on the 1st day of each month.


2 – If the member wishes to cancel their membership, other than in exceptional circumstances, they may do so by giving six weeks notice in writing to Norwich Community Choir. Once the member’s fees are up to date and any outstanding sessions paid for, the membership will be terminated. The member may join again at any time.


3 – Members agree to adhere to the monthly membership fee as stated when they set up their direct debit. Failure to do so may result in the termination of membership.


4 – Norwich Community Choir holds the right to terminate membership for any kind of breach of membership conditions.


5 – The Choir will not share any personal details with a third party without direct permission from the member.


6 – The member is expected to make the choir aware of any changes to their personal details that affect their membership.


7 – Choir membership entitles members to access to all choir sessions be they online and/or face to face, social activities and performances as decided by the MD. Where there are costs, charges or expenses related to performances or social activities these are to be borne by the member.


8 – The member is obliged to attend rehearsals on time.


9 – Members must be able to sing at the standard set by the MD who has the right to withdraw membership.


10 – The MD holds the right to change the rehearsal venue, times and days if necessary, but will not do so without good reason and will endeavour to give as much notice as possible.


11 - If changes need to be made to the schedule due to force majeure we will strive to hold alternative rehearsals.


12 – It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that they are behaving in a morally acceptable fashion at all times. Norwich Community Choir strives to foster an environment of positivity and respect, and thus any behaviour that may infringe upon others’ rights, or cause distress will not be tolerated.


13 – The member’s property is their responsibility whilst at rehearsals and performances.  Norwich Community Choir are not responsible for any losses or damage.


14 – Whilst participating in any choir activity all expenses incurred (such as travel, clothing, parking, food etc), are the responsibility of the member unless otherwise advised.


15 – By becoming a member, you have given your permission for photographs and recordings to be taken and used as the choir wishes for media and promotional purposes.


16 – Members may not use or replicate Norwich Community Choir’s vocal arrangements in any circumstance other than to perform and rehearse with Norwich Community Choir without the permission of the MD.


17 – Members will be given the opportunity to perform live several times a year. All of these additional benefits are optional and you are not obliged to take part.


18 – If a member intends to take part in any performance they must have attended enough rehearsals to be at a standard that is competent, this is at the sole discretion of the MD.


19 – Attendance at performances is determined by the MD.


20 – If a member has signed up to sing at an event they must attend unless they have good reason not to and in such circumstances must let the MD know that they cannot attend as early as possible.


21 – Norwich Community Choir colours, black and purple (Cadbury’s purple or darker) and a choir badge are to be worn at all performances and arranged photo opportunities unless otherwise stated. This includes outer wear such as coats. Optional waistcoats are available for male members.  Please dress smartly.


22 – Clothing and badges acquired for performance with the choir are bought at the member’s expense. (See dress code below).


23 – Members should remember that whilst performing with Norwich Community Choir they are representing us and should behave in an acceptable manner.


Dress Code:

The choir colours are black and purple.  

The purple is Cadbury’s chocolate purple or darker, mauves are not included.  

No florals and no white shirts or blouses.  

The dress code covers all clothing including outerwear, (coats if performing outdoors).

Please wear a choir badge - these denote membership and will sometimes qualify you for a free cup of tea or other privileges.

Badges are available to buy at choir fir £2.50 or two for £4.