Social Committee Minutes

Norwich Community Choir


Present: Maryrose, Linda M, Mike (chairperson), Christine, John H.

Apologies: Steph.

Meeting opened at 2011.


Raffle We will start again in September.

Other ways of raising money:

*Buy a Square was suggested.

*will ask the choir members if anyone can appeal to companies for prizes occasionally.

*Wedding to raise choir funds Friday October 27th.  

Cake sale?  How can we do it?

Still looking into getting a podium for Meg.

Salthouse Bus

We decided that a bus would be too complicated given that some people will want to go early and spend the day and others won’t.  The money would be better spent providing a coach for Blicking if we win (which we will).

Saturday 16th September will be the next Big Sing.

Annual Outing Sunday 16th July to Southwold.  We need to start gathering names and money for this.  John to organise a singing venue with Jon Moore.

Waistcoats for men.  They are usually £18 each will be on sale soon for £15.  We will bring a sign up list asking for sizes.  These will not be compulsory.

Summer Party

Start at 6 pm..

Numbers are up to 30 already.

Christine and Maryrose will do the shopping and John and Richard will help with marquee.

We will need a list of acts.

Next Year’s Birthday Celebrations.

We will book The Cathedral for November 2018.

We have still not heard from the Co op with regard to sponsorship.

Meeting closed at 2146 hours

Next meeting July 12th (provisional date).