Social Team Minutes

SOCIAL TEAM MEETING, Thursday 11th January 2018 

Portersfield Road, 7.30pm. 

Present; Meg Turpin, Mike Jennions (Chair),  Michelle Gaughan,  Maryrose Owen, John Hurton, Christine Ward, Guest Sue Rowland. Apologies Linda Middleton 




Vulnerable members 

Big Sings 

Blickling walk 



Sue and Meg brought Tag Lines samples. Short ones favoured especially “Ten Years in Harmony”  


Meg is due to meet with the Co-op to find if they may sponsor/be involved in the 10 Year Celebrations. It was felt some proceeds (if funds allowed after the Cathedral event) would of course go to a charity. we thought Nelsons Journey would be appropriate. However, this was not a final choice.  

The Cathedral Concert is a Choir Event and not a Social event and will entail a certain amount of work from the Social Committee and choir members both before and on the night of the event ; 


Tickets to be sold 

Leaflet distribution for advertising e.g. Libraries, shops, public places, 

The door has to be manned 

Stewards to direct guests and car parking duties 


Costs discussed and how tickets can be sold prior to the night - Maryrose volunteered her phone number ; Sue/Meg to explore a new website with a Ticket Link; perhaps find a shop willing to sell tickets.  

We must have maximum publicity - press releases; handouts maybe at previous events e.g. 

St Stephens September. Meg read out Cathedral What’s on. 


As there will be an interval we require simple refreshments possibly in the Refectory. 


Insurance, Health and safety (Cathedral will have their own too)  has to be checked as it is a Choir event (MIKE, MEG, MICHELLE ) and consider inviting St Johns Ambulance to attend to cover any dramas. 


Sue has the expertise to look into Facebook Share, and much more and we appreciate her help as she writes a Plan and the need to consider a separate Committee for the Cathedral.  


Concert with Story Teller.

Dates to be chosen from 22nd and 29th September for the St Stephens concert. This could be a good forerunner publicity for the Cathedral. Perhaps sell tickets there. At least give handouts if published in time. 

The New Years Day walk was a success after parking problems etc due to a race there that day and Christine having lead the walk considered our insurance and Duty of Care. She had informed attendees on clothing/boots for safety before the event. 

Health and Safety

Mike/Michelle have looked at the coverage of the policy and Health and Safety for Choir events and Social Events which differ. We decided £87 for the premium is well worth the cost to ensure we have valuable cover for any Legal costs incurred should we have to face any incident. 

Mike spoke about outings and what is not covered - notably swimming in the sea - persons would have to sign a brief disclaimer before diving in. 



It was agreed we are all vulnerable in some way at meetings and events and it is now a requirement for all choir members/new people provide an Emergency telephone number (this maybe or maybe not Next of Kin) These details will be retained securely for use in an emergency e.g. accident, becoming unwell, lift not turned up etc. for contacting a responsible person. 



Christine expressed  an opinion of holding the Big Sings at The Elms - poor acoustics . 

Several venues were thought of including St Georges Sprowston Road. Meg will give this some thought but it has to be accessible to all areas of choir members(City/Sprowston/Thorpe etc) 

Next meeting later arranged for 19th Feb 2018.

SOCIAL TEAM MEETING, Monday 27th November 2017 

Present; Meg Turpin, Mike Jennions, Linda Middleton, Michelle Gaughan (chair), Maryrose Owen, John Hurton AND eventually Christine Ward (Minutes) apologies.  

 John Hurton reported £16 waistcoat, £2 tie. No one under obligation. Meg said they had looked smart at the event Sunday. Good take up. 

 Christine confirmed with Golf Club Quiz date to be 13th 2018. 

 Also confirmed Christmas Party 10th Feb 2018. 65-70 persons can be catered for, hopefully still at £15 per head. Discussed whether we can accommodate late entries but we will require numbers 5 days before event due to catering. Message must go out with details start of New Year. A raffle or tombola will be included in the festivities and we will request donations as usual. WE WILL HOWEVER REQUEST HELPERS ON THE NIGHT WITH tasks especially selling tickets. 


 Mike expressed concern over the entering of events on Shared Calendar - should it show an all day event or just on the time. Vote showed only one person objected  so events are to be shown at the top with times and again at the time if necessary by Meg. 

 Health and Safety - Michelle 

 She reminded us of how we deal with any Vulnerable persons at events or outings. 

If an Event, Meg is insured and keeps everyone safe as she has the Duty of Care under her control. 

We discussed types events, outings as a “Committee” and agreed we must change this to TEAM. 

Should we have a Disclaimer? Do people understand - Meg to take advice as we do not wish for any confusion or anything resulting in a claim. It was decided Meg should have a “SIGNATURE” at the end of her emails and will get this added asap. with help from Mike, perhaps before the New Year Day walk so walkers realise if they fall in the lake etc. it will be deemed as their fault and not the organiser/choir.  

So, we agreed people must take control of their personal safety e.g when walking; setting equipment etc which would be separate from anything run by Meg e.g.. a performance. 

 Surplus monies - by that we mean money collected from fund raising or left over from an event. This has been queried several times by choir members. The Social Fund needs this  occasional surplus for; 

Booking tickets in advance

Drop Box fee

Used if advance tickets were purchased and then failed to be sold  

Any pre paying for hire of halls, coach etc. 

Therefore we must have a reasonable float topped up with raffle ticket monies etc. to not enter into debt. 



Linda suggested we sold the remaining Wisteria concert cds (about 80 remaining) for £2.50 each for Christmas. As there is the new Salthouse cd and further ones to follow this was agreed. 



John to send out another email and Meg to explore other choirs to see if we can sell the 2 remaining tickets. If not OUR SURPLUS as spoken of previously, will have to be used to pay for them.  


Meg has 2 email addresses one of them being the Social Team’s, this is to change. 


The concert at Mangreen included a Storyteller who Meg would like to book for some of the Birthday celebrations next year and will explore venues of an intimate nature - Octagon, Assembly House. 


The NEW YEARS Day walk had to be retimed by Christine Ward due to booking the meal at The Buckinghamshire Arms earlier time of 2p.m.  Meeting now 11a.m, to walk 11.30. Deposit of £5 required this week. 

 Christine retyped a message to the choir at that moment in time.   


No A.O.B 


Meeting closed 3.45pm. 

Next meeting 15th Jan. 2017 

This will be the A.G.M. if the Finance Figures are available.