Social Team Minutes

SOCIAL TEAM MEETING, Monday 25th March 2019.  11a.m. 


Present; Meg Turpin, John Hurton, Linda Middleton (Chair) Christine Ward (Minutes), 

Maryrose Owen, Michelle Gaughan, Annette Lee, Mike Jennions 


MEG read out a lovely letter from a choir member, thanking the team for their work, and help. 



ANNETTE kindly offered to explore H AND S for Events and Venues.  

We should have a “Hit List” to include seats - if any; loos - if any and access. She will enquire of facilities before an event - ramps etc - and they should provide. It is reasonable  (e.g.first concert is at Princes St.) these places comply with regulations. This is especially relevant for cold churches with the only seating on concrete steps - can they provide chairs or Cushions. It was decided a message would go out from Annette,  informing the members  

“this is how it is” and the member decides if to attend.  

We should have our own choir Accident Book.  Perhaps tear out sheets. A book to be investigated. Meg would keep the book and First Aid box together. 



CHRISTINE had been approached by choir members voicing concerns of the venue at Eaton Monday evenings and the later time. MEG to send out another email explaining although she/team/etc attempted to find another venue - there were none.  The later time is due to the booking before us preventing us from access before 7.45. The Team try to speed up the start of singing by allowing Meg to set up with assistance and other social team members encouraging correct money, signing in quickly. There were fors and against the later start. 

CHOICE OF SONGS - For a few years we placed a Suggestion Box on the sign in table - there was never anything suggested.  Meg has to chose songs which will be carefully adapted to the sections of the choir; comply with copyright etc. She did once ask for comments/marks for songs and they all came out equal popularity. However, she does welcome reports.  


Some surplus cash which will go into funds to be used for various things. Several failed to turn up as as the booking is definite numbers we are unable to refund. A review is on Dropbox. Thanks came from Jennifer for the organisation from the golf club for Vegans etc. Food was excellent however, the choice of sweets ran out and 2nds was not made clear to all tables. But the long tables/walking up was a success as were the table arrangements in the entertainment area. Next booked Sat March 7th 2020 and Sat Oct 19th and Quiz. Query cost of jacket potatoes.  


Scarves £3.65 each both purple and the black with gold design of musical notes. To order 20 purple and 10 black. Get a quote and “go with it” 

SUMMER OUTING - Discussion of venues - Hunstanton most convenient with parking for coach, eating venues, interest, accessibility. 14th July. JOHN HURTON to approach Jon re coach which has mobility access ramp.  

CHARITY OF YEAR - MODERN DAY SLAVERY  chosen. Ian Dyble whom Meg met and was very touched  by the charity. We hope to hold  a concert at St Thomas, Earlham Road. 


MICHELLE to follow up outing to a Brewery/meal etc later in year nearer Christmas for gifts maybe. WoodefordsAdnams Southwold possible cash trip. 

MARYROSE Summer PARTY June 29th. This year to start at 5pm. Beer ran out - adjustment to be made and cost rise to £11.  

To include vegetarian options. Email will go out with request for any Dietary requirements. 

Book sale again and a good class small raffle. 

 KYANNA has been very poorly and we expressed concern if we could help if only with some visits if she is in hospital for any length of time - which we hope she will not be.  

No other business meeting closed 12.30pm. 

Next Meeting planned 13th May 11.a.m. 

SOCIAL TEAM MEETING, Tuesday 30th October 2018, Le Strange Close 13.30p.m. 

Present;  Meg Turpin, Maryrose Owen, Michelle Gaughan, Linda Middleton (chair) 

Christine Ward (Minutes) 


Apologies Annette Lee, John Hurton.   Absent ; Mike Jennions


Minutes of Last meeting then as read and accepted. 

Meeting opened; 

Health and Safety 

Michelle said we should have a Generic, on our Website Risk Assessment for all to view,  to stop many emails covering the same details. We may need to re -assess our Risk Assessment to cover different venues /events to comply at all times. A new one would include Terms and Conditions which then brought about Conditions of Hire for The Methodist Church hall Jessop Rd and St Anns.  

We must have a Policy of Fees and any Notice and have ANY changes in writing.  


 ANGELS - Maryrose has completed her Angel for the Christ Church exhibition to deliver ready for 24th and 25th. This will then be retained by Norwich Community choir for any relevant event. 


QUIZ NIGHT - A great success again. More was spent on prizes this year rather than an enormous raffle or tombola. This gave a surplus of £44.75 which will go into funds (the funds will have to cover any expenses for cathedral (£1000 outstanding) and  possible future donations.  



Paul Jackson still has not replied to any communication, failed to attend a meeting and we retain £125 for his payment. We also have £200 set aside which may be added to the final amount presented to Nelsons Journey. 


BUSKING MACHINE - sound box. Meg has explored this item and will purchase one from a shop in case of any mechanical failures for them to repair etc. This easier than purchase on Web. A trolley box will be required to transport by Meg as the equipment is very heavy.  

Sat. 3rd we Busk hopefully in front of Next 2pm. 


CHRISTMAS PARTY - Michelle queried had date been confirmed - yes 2nd March 2019. 

Prices to be negotiated future meetings. All on Calendar start date for lists. 



£1000.00 is owed to Cathedral but spent is £583.86. 

£600 from sponsors. 


£1050.00 through choir (includes Ivan's sales) 

49 online 

£800 surplus 

Tickets 105 + 145 



   2 CO-OP 

   2 CO-OP 

   2 ELDERS 

   2 VICAR 



   2  FRIENDS 














Has to include 100 for choir to conform Fire Regs 


 Staging has been discussed and chairs for H AND S those requiring seats. 


Also the PHYSIO TEAM. Discussed. 


 Maryrose stated the Logos have been forwarded to the Publicity Team 

 TO BE CARING it is thought those who may require longer to access the toilet facilities at the Cathedral they should be invited to leave first. 

A meeting was planned the following day at Jessopp Rd Hall with the Elders, various and the Vicar, Meg, Linda Middleton and Christine Ward. This to discuss the chairs with arms situation and the excessive amount charged for leaving suddenly - this was due to the Equality Act and the Hall / and company showing a certain amount of “unwelcomeness 

The fact we had no Contract although requested and the facilities had changed were not suitable for our more challenged choir members 

Meeting concluded 15.00hrs

CHOIR SOCIAL TEAM MEETING, Monday 23rd April 2018 13.30p.m. 

Present; Meg Turpin, Maryrose Owen, Michelle Gaughan, Linda Middleton, Treasurer ; Mike Jennions (Chair),  Sue Rowland, Christine Ward (Minutes) 

Apologies  John Hurton 



Minutes of last meeting 

Sponsor letters 

Health and Safety 

Data Protection 

Cathedral times 


Choir Member difficulties 

Minutes taken as read and some matters arising dealt with under various headings. 

Mike requested any person having responsibility should be HIGHLIGHTED in The Minutes 

The Minute Taker, Christine Ward took note and will endeavour to comply 

 Charity has been chosen (this required quickly for advertising etc) - Nelsons Journey and Meg has made contact/permission and invited Carol Bundock to attend and she accepted. 

BUSKING   Supporting details already searched e.g. no licence required - Mike has searched CODE OF CONDUCT and we must follow common sense - not block pavements; nor access; nor ATMs; not be too loud and consider nearby establishments. 

SUE ROWLAND produced brilliant box of HANDOUTS for advertising the 2 main concerts - still no contact from the Storyteller for his input/requirements - on going 

MEG to take an appropriate track off SALTHOUSE recording for advertising 

Meg and Christine have met with the Co-op and they will pay for programmes and gave suggestions to further sponsorship and the performances 

There has not been much response for photos memorabilia of the choirs10 years. A future record was suggested with perhaps someone to take special photos of events 

I noted many items for discussion came out of the blueand were dealt with immediately 

CATHEDRAL -  We must be aware on 24th November, if we rehearse/meet well before the performance, PRAYERS ARE CONDUCTED ON THE HOUR FOR 4 MINUTES and will require silence and respect. 


ARE current songs on website?……yes 

MEG explained sponsor details Letters on website. Nelsons Journey on website. 

MARYROSE  volunteered to explore SPONSORSHIP applications - request £200 giving 2 free tickets  

 HEALTH AND SAFETY - noted nothing has been brought to attention except lifting of the heavy chairs in St Cuthberts church (not hall). It is noted not everyone helps with chairs/tables but we are so grateful for those that do assist. Michelle said each event must be individual assessment - a reasonable assessment 


New laws come into force in May and MEG will always put an “unsubscribe” on her emails re use of addresses. All existing members will have to agree to communicate on a contact list with a proviso never to pass on your informationLeavers must be removed and everyone will have the unsubscribe option. Media coverage requires attention. 


Times 7pm on handouts - start will be 7.30pm 

There is a service in the cathedral 3.30-4 

Choir needs to arrive 4.15 to start rehearsing until 6.30. 

Take refreshments. 

1 microphone.

Staging should already be set up 

Perhaps a Flash Mob start to second half.

NOVERRE CONCERT  2PM Room hire is all day.

Rehearsals 10.30-12.30 Lunch break 

Linda gave report on Finances. 

Payments will be required for Cathedral ; tickets production/admin fees ; leaflets; programmes. VAT invoice arrive after event. 

NORFOLK DAY on Facebook. Michelle and Sue Likeour event and trust many others will follow 

Christine admitted to painting a few Norfolk Rocks just with music notes on the front and Norwich Community Choir  the reverse to leave in parks etc. 

Summer Party 30th June 

MARYROSE to email and create poster. All in hand to run smoothly £10 entry. Start 14th May. 

A gentleman has expressed concerns finding Dropbox too complicated and has left the choir. This is sad, he failed to use for the words etc. To many of us, Dropbox is not as simple as it is to others and computers are different. A copy of the songs in folders are £5 or purchase a small recorder or record on phones. Maryrose does upkeep the folders. 


Ticket Source. Link to buy online Nicola Cubitt to assist. Prices confirmed’ 

Noverre - £7.50 children under 16 -£5 

Cathedral £10   

Any fees will be met by the Social Funds and anyone (Maryrose initially) needing postage etc for sales will be reimbursed. 

Michelle to keep track of tickets sold There must be a control of numbers of tickets sold (but not numbered)  from 3 sources - a need to converse. We must not oversell. On sale from Mid May. 200 for the choir. 100 each event. 

Ticket Source has a helpline for emergencies. 

CONSTITUTION needs discussing on a later date 


How many V.I.P guests can we accommodate?  

Meeting closed 15.30hours with thanks to our Hostess. 

Next meeting Mon 4th June 

CHOIR SOCIAL TEAM MEETING, Monday 19th March 2018 

Present; Meg Turpin, Maryrose Owen, John Hurton, Mike Jennions Chair, Linda Middleton, Michelle Gaughan, Christine Ward Minutes. Guest leader of Publicity Team Sue Rowland 


What is being done for CATHEDRAL /NOVERRE concerts -  

Charity choices 


Issues arising Cathedral 

Co-op involvement 

Big Sing 

Vulnerable people 

Noverre - scrapbook/photo display 


Minutes last meeting 


MIKE went through last minutes- 

Insurance now paid 

Noverre booked and paid 

Document on Dropbox 


EVENT REMINDERS to go out to choir aprox 6 weeks before event. (eg 40’s day Sheringham) 

 MICHELLE is to take Calendar as a task to update 

Charities discussed. Nelsons Journey seems favourite for this year’s charity, as we agreed with Linda’s suggestion to have ONE CHARITY FOR A YEAR , however, next year there could be a favoured choice from the Choir. We have to explore if the Cathedral or the Co-op (if they become more involved) have any designated charity. No charity specific to their Funeral Business, but Nelson’s journey is one 

We agreed to use TICKET SOURCE . Seven and half percent admin fee - how this is covered to be further discussion. Ticket purchaser or other. 

Ivan still available to assist with phone sales; phone call/pay online/tickets out - postage costs. Linda and Ivan to have access to Bank details for accuracy. They will require to include a Ref. number and name. 

Tickets also sold to choir 

On the door 

Tickets to be printed online for Noverre and if successful same for Cathedral 

Tickets on sale not too far in advance 



2000/2500 to go on WHAT’S ON STANDS; Libraries; handouts; shops etc. members; noticeboards; And 

Would the choir consider Busking around Norwich? (no licence required but unsure of leaflet handouts). 

No to door drops 

Favoured - Vista Print. Sue to design for separate events. Simple.  

Paul Jackson (storyteller) is “in design” and may want some input. 

The leaflet must not be too flimsy as to stand upright and be handled 

Meg suggested heading SONG and STORY it needs to ATTRACT and give info. 

Must be at Printers early May 



Obviously what, where, when 

The charity (need to be chosen asap) 


Bar/ refreshments (Noverre) available Refectory (Cathedral) (choir members to take their own water if required as usual AND as usual keep hidden.) 

Ticket prices; 

Noverre £7.50 children (discretion) under 16 (300 max (200 guests) this venue 


Publicity team now to take over Michelle’s initial work. 

MEG to make best sound files  for advertising “tempters” in lead up to concerts.

 Flyers to go out at various concerts and events - Mayday, Bishops Garden if these take place, plus any others expected. 

Sue listed Publicity ideas - and requested any mags which put in adverts (free ideal) e.g. Golden Guide, Village People, Vanilla. 

Meg to find contacts for previous places we have performed to invite/old members/other choirs to attend (not free however, we will invite some local Dignitaries - Mayor, Sheriff and Carol Bundock from Nelsons Journey for which we would have to possibly refrain from charging. Even Gareth Malone was mentioned…….) 

Run a free prize draw for a couple of tickets 

Kyanna has a press contact 

Sue NEEDs Details 

prices , times etc 

Seating confirmed 




BEST SOUND (Misereri snippet?) 

Best Video 


CDs will be on sale at events.  More required of latest cd. 

HOWEVER it was thought a CD of the Cathedral Christmas Concert could be ordered in advance. 

Vote of thanks for Sue and team for excellent work 


Volunteers required;  

Door people 

People to “set up” 

Various helpers 


Vulnerable People 

Insurance has been previously covered for this aspect however, we have some concerns. 

Some of us are becoming more frail and liable to falls. This we must be aware of. 

We had to ALL give contact numbers to Meg for any calamity/illness. If this has not been completed it must be done immediately.  

We all need a balance of caring for each other in the choir and must be aware if a person is poorly during a practice or Concert and the possible need to use emergency contact numbers/take time out.  

Meg and Christine will again attempt to meet with the Co Op  to find their intentions 



This is doubly important this year for us all to get together as a choir to rehearse and enjoy an afternoon.  


Instead of the usual £8 it will be £5 

The SOCIAL FUND MONIES are of course separate from the Choir Money which is the money for MEG TURPIN as this is her employment, along with her tutoring lessons, piano lessons and workshops.  

The Social Monies (from for instance raffles), are used as a float/reserve for in advance ticket purchases, event bookings, bouquets, cd production, badges, Drop Box fees, etc.  These matters are discussed and agreed by the Social Team.  This year, the Treasurer has worked hard to save a surplus which will be used to subsidise the Big Sing. 

The Constitution will be added to in the near future to cover The Choir Director’s position with attendance at events, costs etc.  


Required for Noverre.  Jenny H has a scrapbook, need photos and DISPLAY BOARDS and  VOLUNTEERs to present display. Does anyone else have anything to offer? 



As above and as we have no raffle on going not much cash is being collected except for an odd badge or song book. 

Need new fund raising ideas; 

Michelle suggested book sale at the summer party 



John Hurton to re -order  



Raised point of if we have a legal limit we can hold in funds. However, we are a choir not a club which take subscriptions. 



 Linda requested a Program for the year’s songs as many of us like to do homework. 

These current songs are available on the choir info on the website 


Christine is trialling a slight variation for the Easter Monday walk as UEA is mud logged. It will be across the Marshes at Eaton but the meal is still at the Cellar house. 


Meeting closed 16.05pm. 

Thanks to Linda for her hospitality 

Next meeting 

Mon 23rd Apri


SOCIAL TEAM MEETING, Monday 19th February 2018 


Present; Meg Turpin, Mike Jennions (Chair), Michelle Gaughan (Agenda) Maryrose Owen, 

John Hurton, Linda Middleton, Christine Ward (Minutes) 

 Matters arising from the Last Meeting 11th Jan.2017. 


  •  The Tag Line - “10 Years in Harmony” appreciated by all, is already in use. 


  •   Ivan Owen has volunteered to man a phone line to sell tickets for the Cathedral concert (Maryrose husband) 

    Dates for commencing, tickets still ongoing 


  • Sue Rowland has formed a team especially for this event - 6 persons - 
  •  Insurance agreed must be paid - covers Public Liability and Legal Costs should any unfortunate claim arise.  
  • MIKE will read the policy 
  • LINDA will proceed with payment. 


Vulnerable Members - the choir have given Meg their emergency details and those necessary are aware of their commitment also. 


Big Sing 

Christmas Party 

Summer Outing 

Summer Party 

Date checks 

St Stephens 



Rhythm of the Dance 

Norfolk Day 


1940’s Trip 

Date for 2019 Christmas Party 



Alternative venue sought. Acoustics not ideal neither is parking at The Elms. MEG  will explore places both sides of city - St Georges a possibility. Agreed need this event to coincide with change of program i.e. May and Sept. A valuable tool to sing together and get to know the songs. 


Christmas Party.  

Agreed a success positive - people said Best Yet. A lot of work was put into the acts and well received.  

However, a few negatives; 

The date held was too early - this was due to the Choir Festival - and was not comfortable time for rehearsing of acts. 

The room was cramped with too large tables, poor seating plan. 

Revise next year.  

Cost of tickets discussed as The Golf Club will undoubtedly raise the cost (managed to get a reduction per head this year) 

There was too much equipment at the front 

* Christine Ward to book for 2019, Sat.9th March. 



Possibly 15th July, decided on Hunstanton again as this venue has many possibilities and has been a past success for beach (insurance discussion people entering sea will have to sign a disclaimer) , boat trips, food, interest, walks, dog friendly, and passing crowds to sing to! 

JON MOORE exploring coach and cost. 

Especially if we require high numbers/disabled access 

1st June start list 


SUMMER PARTY 30TH June at Maryrose’ bungalow. 

Start 6.30 to allow food and acts 

This year £10 to include food/more desserts/drinks 

Last year more beers were drunk than expected due to hot weather 

* MARYROSE will email and hope for the usual helpers/day/night - gazebo, shopping, preparing etc. 


* CHRISTINE TO CHECK BOOKING QUIZ NIGHT and ask if Bex wishes to do it - quiz again. 

All events require 6 weeks notice, Bank Transfers are working 


St Stephens 29th July concert cancelled due to insufficient seating. Perhaps Assembly Rooms - parking city centre. * Meg to consider Noverre Ballroom Assembly House this about the time of NORFOLK DAY - 27th July which * MICHELLE and Maryrose  to find more details. 



 REFECTORY to sell drinks.  

Audience seating discussed - some seats will have restricted view. £10 per ticket, possible concessions families. (but not too many) eg. the choir will be offered 1 ticket only at £8. 

PAUL JACKSON the Storyteller showed interest in performing with us at the cathedral. 


Meg and Christine had attempted a meeting with the Co-op but this failed as they could not attend due to sickness. We felt en Email will draw their immediate attention and point out areas which we would like some support - printing/programs/tickets/publicity. Maybe get them involved in launching in the City.  

Are we having a recording, should we get students involved? 


Interest in Rhythm of The Dance Theatre Royal 

* John Hurton to organise with usual payment methods 

 * LINDA gave excellent detailed report on Finances and Christmas Party- details if requested. 

The social fund retain a balance to cover any expenses with coaches, tickets etc. It was also used to pre purchase items such as the waistcoats.  

1940’s trip - Sheringham 16th September Meg and John away. There is never any bookings for this event however we put out event sheets as people like to meet up on the day.  *CHRISTINE will send out reminders  

Next meeting; 

Monday, 26th March,

SOCIAL TEAM MEETING, Thursday 11th January 2018 

Portersfield Road, 7.30pm. 

Present; Meg Turpin, Mike Jennions (Chair),  Michelle Gaughan,  Maryrose Owen, John Hurton, Christine Ward, Guest Sue Rowland. Apologies Linda Middleton 




Vulnerable members 

Big Sings 

Blickling walk 



Sue and Meg brought Tag Lines samples. Short ones favoured especially “Ten Years in Harmony”  


Meg is due to meet with the Co-op to find if they may sponsor/be involved in the 10 Year Celebrations. It was felt some proceeds (if funds allowed after the Cathedral event) would of course go to a charity. we thought Nelsons Journey would be appropriate. However, this was not a final choice.  

The Cathedral Concert is a Choir Event and not a Social event and will entail a certain amount of work from the Social Committee and choir members both before and on the night of the event ; 

Tickets to be sold 

Leaflet distribution for advertising e.g. Libraries, shops, public places, 

The door has to have continual presence.

Stewards to direct guests and car parking duties 

 Costs discussed and how tickets can be sold prior to the night - Maryrose volunteered her phone number ; Sue to explore a new website with a Ticket Link; perhaps find a shop willing to sell tickets.  

We must have maximum publicity - press releases; handouts maybe at previous events e.g. 

St Stephens September. Meg read out Cathedral What’s on. 

 As there will be an interval we require simple refreshments possibly in the Refectory. 

 Insurance, Health and safety (Cathedral will have their own too)  has to be checked as it is a Choir event (MIKE, MEG, MICHELLE ) and consider inviting St Johns Ambulance to attend to cover any dramas. 


Sue has the expertise to look into Facebook Share, and much more and we appreciate her help as she writes a Plan and the need to consider a separate Committee for the Cathedral.  

 Concert with Story Teller.

Dates to be chosen from 22nd and 29th September for the St Stephens concert. This could be a good forerunner publicity for the Cathedral. Perhaps sell tickets there. At least give handouts if published in time. 

The New Years Day walk was a success after parking problems etc due to a race there that day and Christine having lead the walk considered our insurance and Duty of Care. She had informed attendees on clothing/boots for safety before the event. 

Health and Safety

Mike/Michelle have looked at the coverage of the policy and Health and Safety for Choir events and Social Events which differ. We decided £87 for the premium is well worth the cost to ensure we have valuable cover for any Legal costs incurred should we have to face any incident. 

Mike spoke about outings and what is not covered - notably swimming in the sea - persons would have to sign a brief disclaimer before diving in. 



It was agreed we are all vulnerable in some way at meetings and events and it is now a requirement for all choir members/new people provide an Emergency telephone number (this maybe or maybe not Next of Kin) These details will be retained securely for use in an emergency e.g. accident, becoming unwell, lift not turned up etc. for contacting a responsible person. 


Christine expressed  an opinion of holding the Big Sings at The Elms - poor acoustics . 

Several venues were thought of including St Georges Sprowston Road. Meg will give this some thought but it has to be accessible to all areas of choir members(City/Sprowston/Thorpe etc) 

Next meeting later arranged for 19th Feb 2018.

SOCIAL TEAM MEETING, Monday 27th November 2017 

Present; Meg Turpin, Mike Jennions, Linda Middleton, Michelle Gaughan (chair), Maryrose Owen, John Hurton AND eventually Christine Ward (Minutes) apologies.  

 John Hurton reported £16 waistcoat, £2 tie. No one under obligation. Meg said they had looked smart at the event Sunday. Good take up. 

 Christine confirmed with Golf Club Quiz date to be 13th 2018. 

 Also confirmed Christmas Party 10th Feb 2018. 65-70 persons can be catered for, hopefully still at £15 per head. Discussed whether we can accommodate late entries but we will require numbers 5 days before event due to catering. Message must go out with details start of New Year. A raffle or tombola will be included in the festivities and we will request donations as usual. WE WILL HOWEVER REQUEST HELPERS ON THE NIGHT WITH tasks especially selling tickets. 


 Mike expressed concern over the entering of events on Shared Calendar - should it show an all day event or just on the time. Vote showed only one person objected  so events are to be shown at the top with times and again at the time if necessary by Meg. 

 Health and Safety - Michelle 

 She reminded us of how we deal with any Vulnerable persons at events or outings. 

If an Event, Meg is insured and keeps everyone safe as she has the Duty of Care under her control. 

We discussed types events, outings as a “Committee” and agreed we must change this to TEAM. 

Should we have a Disclaimer? Do people understand - Meg to take advice as we do not wish for any confusion or anything resulting in a claim. It was decided Meg should have a “SIGNATURE” at the end of her emails and will get this added asap. with help from Mike, perhaps before the New Year Day walk so walkers realise if they fall in the lake etc. it will be deemed as their fault and not the organiser/choir.  

So, we agreed people must take control of their personal safety e.g when walking; setting equipment etc which would be separate from anything run by Meg e.g.. a performance. 

 Surplus monies - by that we mean money collected from fund raising or left over from an event. This has been queried several times by choir members. The Social Fund needs this  occasional surplus for; 

Booking tickets in advance

Drop Box fee

Used if advance tickets were purchased and then failed to be sold  

Any pre paying for hire of halls, coach etc. 

Therefore we must have a reasonable float topped up with raffle ticket monies etc. to not enter into debt. 



Linda suggested we sold the remaining Wisteria concert cds (about 80 remaining) for £2.50 each for Christmas. As there is the new Salthouse cd and further ones to follow this was agreed. 



John to send out another email and Meg to explore other choirs to see if we can sell the 2 remaining tickets. If not OUR SURPLUS as spoken of previously, will have to be used to pay for them.  


Meg has 2 email addresses one of them being the Social Team’s, this is to change. 


The concert at Mangreen included a Storyteller who Meg would like to book for some of the Birthday celebrations next year and will explore venues of an intimate nature - Octagon, Assembly House. 


The NEW YEARS Day walk had to be retimed by Christine Ward due to booking the meal at The Buckinghamshire Arms earlier time of 2p.m.  Meeting now 11a.m, to walk 11.30. Deposit of £5 required this week. 

 Christine retyped a message to the choir at that moment in time.   


No A.O.B 


Meeting closed 3.45pm. 

Next meeting 15th Jan. 2017 

This will be the A.G.M. if the Finance Figures are available