Arts Festival Concert – 7 pm

Important Song Notes:

Mambo – we are not going to sing the last two verses.  So it will be… the slow section as usual then Mambo; Already better; Mambo.

Love You: This is all about the words so over articulate the words and if you are singing Oos, Ahs or wees, sing softly.

Parking:  In Roys car park.  There are disabled spots behind the church.

Arrive at:  If at all possible please arrive for rehearsal at 6 pm.

Wear: As always choir colours black and purple and a choir badge.

Coats bags and stuff: There will be a room to the side for these.

Toilets: There are toilets and disabled toilets in the building.

Refreshments: There will be refreshments at the interval.  If you bring a bottle of water please don’t bring it in to the performance.

When we stand to perform: Please make sure there are no newish people out on a limb.

It is your responsibility to make sure you can see me and I can see you with your eyes looking at me.

Actions: If there is an opportunity to do some actions, please do because the audience love it!

Talking: Please don’t talk between songs.  After finishing a song acknowledge your applause, look out to the audience and smile.

Introducing songs and reading poems: If you are introducing a song please use the microphone.  Be ready to walk forward and introduce as soon as the previous song ends which may mean changing your singing position.

Bow:  with Meg at the end.

Programme: Don’t worry about printing it as I will bring an order of songs for you.

Questions: If you have any questions on the day of the concert please ask a part member of a Social Team member – not Meg.

If you have any questions before the day email me.

See you soon,

Mambo Sawa Sawa         17 = 50 mins

Meg says hello

Bridge Over  – Sue R

Hei Sokoly   – Meg

Dona Nobis – Meg

Bring Him Home – Lesley O

Wherever You Are

Poem – Hearing The News

Bad Moon Rising

Poem – Moving To The Moon

Under The Moon of Love 

Poem – Jubilee 1 Excitement from 1953

Commonwealth Anthem

Pokarekare Ana  NZ

Poem – Jubilee 2 – Enough mother.

Wonderful World ?

American Pie

2nd half…………………………….            14 = 45 mins

Crossing The Bar

Stormy Weather

Sing Gently

What A Song Can Do

Poem – cummings – Millie and Maggie and Mollie

Love You

Wim O Weh

I Only Wanna Be With You


Lost Words Blessing

Poem – The Bright Field – Soul Food.

Three Little Birds

In Dreams

Lean On Me

Do You Hear


For possible encore – May The Peace/When We Meet Again


25 Jun 2022