Your Membership

Your Membership Fee Explained

Your membership fee is paid monthly, regardless of the choir’s schedule.  This enables us to keep membership fees low and help cashflow for members rather than charging an annual or termly fee.  This means members make 12 monthly payments of the same amount, rather than paying termly, annually or just when the choir is rehearsing, so even when we are on our breaks, membership subs continue.  We don’t offer ‘pay as you go’ membership nor payment breaks when members cannot attend.  Everything balances across the year! This makes payments easy to administer, takes away the worries to members of making sure they pay on time, and helps to spread the cost.  We like to keep things simple!

The membership fee entitles each member to attend up to two weekly rehearsals.   This means members could participate in up to around 80 rehearsals per year without additional cost!

When the choir is on its annual breaks, members continue to get access to all the great resources we offer from our Members website including access to music, sound files, Dropbox and social links.